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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/26/13

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KIRBY'S GOOD AT COMMUNITY SERVICE. As well as being a great punter, Kirby Van Der Kamp has been nominated for the Allstate AFCA Good Works team.

OH COME ON, BIG 12 PLAYERS. It's one thing to vote Cy as the worst mascot, but how the hell is Willie the Wildcat only 3rd worst? IT'S A GODDAMN CAT HEAD ON A FOOTBALL PLAYER.

NEW COMMIT. Will Windham, an offensive guard from Schertz, Texas, is the newest Cyclone commit.

DEFINING SUCCESS. Chris Williams asks three Cyclones what would make for a successful 2013 season.

BASKETBALL RECRUITING UPDATE. Travis Hines uses ISU's travel plans to figure out who they're checking up on.

SWOPE'S ALREADY DONE. Former Texas A&M receiver and Arizona Cardinals rookie Ryan Swope is already done with his career after nagging concussions.

SO MUCH CABLE SPORTS. SB Nation's guide to all the cable sports networks.

SUPPERJUMPING. Jon Bois invents a new sport, and it's terrible.

WHO NEEDS BASKETBALL SHOES? US Air Force member windmill dunks in full fatigues.

BECAUSE A PET TIGER JUST ISN'T ENOUGH. Darnell Dockett has a pet tiger, but wants a pet monkey too.

HOW DOES AN ABORTION CONTRACT HAPPEN? The process of getting to JJ Redick's abortion contract.