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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/29/13

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FULLY TORQUED. The 2013 Iowa State football commercial is out, and it's amazing.

LINEBACKERS. Meet the newcomers continues with the group that has some large shoes to fill.

KEEPING EVERYONE HAPPY. Is there enough carries to go around between Iowa State's stable of running backs?

PLAYING AT EVERY CONFERENCE VENUE. Steve Malchow points out the major benefit to a round robin schedule.

REDEFINING DEFENSE. Big 12 schools have had to redefine good D with the way scoring has gone in the league.

RUSHEL SHELL TO WVU. The former Pitt star was leaving, then not leaving, and now is leaving to play for Pitt's most hated rival.

GET OUT JOHNNY. Johnny Manziel was kindly asked to leave a fraternity party in Austin. This story, broken by Burnt Orange Nation, has already gotten the Taiwanese animation treatement.

ROCK BOTTOM! Utah Blaze player takes a kickoff to the house, then gets the People's Elbow.

USA! USA! USA! The United States men's national team won the CONCACAF Gold Cup yesterday, and the highlights were a closed captioner throwing up "paedophiles", and a Panama player taking a cross in the junk.

WTF SOCCER. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, everyone!

MEGATRON BEING MEGATRON. Calvin Johnson making a spectacular catch is no surprise.