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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/3/13

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PLAYS OF THE YEAR. Relive the best moments of the year in men's basketball.

REPPING MAPLE SYRUP. Melvin Ejim is heading to Russia to participate in the University Games for Team Canada.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RECRUIT EVER. Chris Williams discusses if Allen Lazard is the most important recruit in Iowa State history.

NADER AT HOME. Abdel Nader is feeling very comfortable in his new home in Ames.

ELLIS HOBBS ON HERNANDEZ. Ellis Hobbs talks about the Patriot way, and the arrest of Aaron Hernandez.

MORE HERNANDEZ. Now Aaron Hernandez is being investigated for a shooting in 2007, and then there's news that TIM FUCKING TEBOW stopped a barfight involving Hernandez once.

WELL, THIS IS THE REVERSE OF USUAL. This article about Aaron Hernandez's brother mistakenly identifies Iowa as us.

POTENTIAL PLAYOFF ISSUES. ESPN looks at the issues surrounding the college football playoff committee.

THE BEST WALKON IN THE COUNTRY. Doug McDermott will be a walkon next year, after Creighton got another year of eligibility from Grant Gibbs.

SHITTY BEER RANKINGS. 36 cheap American beers, ranked.