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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/30/13

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AT HOME IN AMES. While Jake Knott moves out of his apartment and on to Eagles camp, he says Ames will always a home for him.

NATIONAL TV EXPOSURE. The volleyball team will be on national TV three time this fall.

#11. Iowa State at Tulsa is #11 on Ubben's list of best Big 12 non-conference games.

MAKING ABU'S CUT. Adul-Malik Abu trimmed his list of schools to ten, and Iowa State made the cut.

BIG HIT UNDER SCRUTINY. Looking at the revised targeting rules.

NO IOWA REPRESENTATION. Athlon's bowl preview has no Iowa State or Iowa in the field.

ROLL CASH. Alabama DL Dee Liner (what a great name) is in hot water after putting out a pic of him rolling in cash.

FAT LACY. Is Eddie Lacy super fat now or just the victim of a bad angle shot?

RYAN BRAUN IS A LIAR, HERE'S TEN BUCKS. The Brewers are making up for their MVP's deceit with food vouchers.

LIP READING UMP ARGUMENTS. Deciphering the anger.