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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/31/13

THERE IS ONE WAY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN... You could be playing against Dreamy every day in practice, Rashad.

LJ MENTORING COMPETITION. After Ronde Barber mentored him last year as a rookie with the Bucs, Leonard Johnson is returning the favor to draftee Johnathan Banks.

SIXTH TOUGHEST. Phil Steele ranks the Iowa State schedule the 6th toughest in the country.

40 TO 1! If you feel like not making 40 bucks, then put a dollar on the Cyclones to win the Big 12.

BIG 12 PREDICTION. Chris Williams makes his predictions for every Big 12 team.

CAMP RUNDOWN. 13 Cyclones will be in NFL camps this August.

STILL WINLESS. 10 weeks through Ubben's Big 12 predictions, Iowa State is still winless in Big 12 play.

OH, THOSE BRITS. Liverpool published a list of words deemed unacceptable for use at Anfield, and there's some pretty weird ones on there.

KIRBY FOR MEDIA GUIDE? Memphis put their punter on their media guide because he's their busiest player.

TRAINWRECK WAITING TO HAPPEN? A great read on Johnny Manziel and the possibility that fame could destroy him. Good Bull Hunting was able to interview the writer of the article, Wright Thompson.

SAD JAGUARS. They're pretty bad on the field, but their fan support is even more brutal.