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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/8/13

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ROYCE BACK IN TOWN. The new Philadelphia 76er is back in town to play in the Capital City League.

FRIDAY FLASHBACK. Last week's was the 2000 Insight Bowl against Pittsburgh. It's crazy to think about a 22 year bowl drought.

MOST INDISPENSABLE? The DMR asks who the most important player on the Cyclone football team is. I'm putting my write in vote for Tyler Ellerman anyway.

DO YOU LIKE ISU? YES OR NO? TThe handwritten note still has a place in today's high tech college football recruiting environment.

GOING ON UP. Martin Smith is hoping to take the Iowa State track and field and cross country programs to all new heights.

BEDNARIK/MAXWELL WATCH LISTS. The Big 12 has 13 combined appearance on the two award watch lists, none from Iowa State.

RG3 RAPS. Celebrating marriage with a rap duet.

HOCKEY PLAYERS PARTY. We all know hockey players are infamous for their love of booze, but Tyler Seguin needed to be guarded from partying, which is pretty impressive.

TOUR DE ASS. Guy moons a bunch of Tour De France cyclists.

THE CRAZIEST REF THING EVER. Ref stabs and kills player, crowd quarters him and sticks his head on a stake. This is real life in Brazil.