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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/1/31

Less than a month to go until kickoff at Jack Trice!

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LAZARD'S MOVING ON UP. After being ranked much lower by ESPN than the other scouting services originally, Allen Lazard has moved into the ESPN150.

COEVOLUTION. Rodney Coe has taken a strange path to get where he's at now: a likely starter at DT for the Cyclones.

MAKING THE CUT. Iowa State is still on Rashad Vaughn's "trimmed" list of 11.

YAY! HD! The Cyclones Mediacom channel will indeed be in HD this fall.

CYCLONE TRADING CARDS. Mike Green details his collection of Iowa State trading cards, which is admittedly pretty cool.

JEBUS OREGON. The Ducks are pulling out all the stops for their new Football Performance Center.

MORE JOHNNY. Fresh off yesterday's Wright Thompson masterpiece, Andy Staples talks about Johnny Manziel.

PRO BOWL IS BASICALLY DEAD. No kickoffs and no AFC/NFC affiliations make this version as close to dead as possible.

RILEY COOPER DROPS THE N BOMB. Wearing the full hillbilly regalia, Riley Cooper drops some racism at a Kenny Chesney concert. It turns out he was pissed because he couldn't go backstage to meet Kenny. Ex-Florida Gators are having the best summer ever!

DENIED APPEAL. A judge ruled Wednesday that NCAA athletes will be allowed to proceed in their lawsuit against EA Sports.

CHECKING IN WITH EA. State Of The U gets an interview with an EA Sports Producer about the future of the NCAA Football series.

LJ HOES! The name is cool enough, but the fact he uses "Money, Cash, Hoes" as his walk up music is gold.

TIPGATE. The Drew Brees shitty tip fiasco is almost over, with Brees saying he left a 3% tip only because it was takeout. Except now America gets to debate: Do you tip for takeout?

TOM EMANSKI'S BACK! Not really, but somebody make a shot for shot remake of Emanski's baseball training video, sans Fred McGriff.

SHAWN KEMP PROBABLY USED THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK EXCUSE TOO. He actually told the Cavs he was late for a flight because his dog fell asleep in front of his car.