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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/12/13

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RHOADS MEDIA DAY. Coach Rhoads spoke to the media yesterday about the 2013 season.

OVERCOMING YOUTH. This young Cyclones squad must overcome their inexperience to make a bowl. The article features a less sunshine-y Sam Richardson. The grammatical terribleness of this article title is also noteworthy.

DEFENSIVE BACKS. Meet the newcomers is on the defensive backs.

NATURAL LEADER. Jeremiah George is a natural fit to lead the Cyclone defense.

SHARK WEEK. The Iowa State linebackers are pretty into Shark Week.

KICKING DUEL. Cole Netten and Edwin Arceo have become friends off the field as they battle on it.

ANOTHER COE ARTICLE. I know it's shocking, but there's yet another article about Rodney Coe.

HOIBERG HELPS OUT. Fred Hoiberg shares a special bond with the kids at Camp Odayin.

CYCLONES.TV ON MEDIACOM. If you're in Central Iowa, Cyclones.TV is on channel 165.

TIM IN LOUISVILLE HATES US. This guy wants Iowa State out of the Big 12.

PIERSCHBACHER FALLOUT. For a guide on how not to handle a recruit's decommitment, check out some of the comments at BHGP on Ross Pierschbacher's flip to Alabama. To be fair, there's plenty of reasonable people there too, and CF would probably make us look bad in the same situation.

NO MORE CUSTOMIZED FACEMASKS. The NFL is banning facemasks like Justin Tuck's shredder style one.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? Chris Bosh in NBA 2K13 as a huge raptor.