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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/13/13

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SOLD OUT. If you wanted a season ticket, I hope you got yours in time, because Iowa State is sold out. Using the athletic department's math, we've gone from 22,000 tickets in 2005 to 33,000 in 2009, and 46,000 today.

WALLY ON DEFENSE. Chris Williams got the scoop from Wally Burnham on the defense.

THE BUNDRAGE-RICHARDSON CONNECTION. The starting QB and #1 WR talk about the offense.

PAPA COACH RHOADS. Jake Rhoads' football coach treats him just like any other player on the team.

TRIAL BY FIRE. The young Cyclones called on for playing time will have to adapt quickly for a successful 2013 season.

WR RANKINGS. Iowa State's WRs are slotted in the same position most have them finishing the Big 12 season: right above Kansas.

ISU #15. The volleyball team is ranked at #15 in the AVCA preseason poll.

MORE TROUBLE FOR MANZIEL? There's two more alleged signing sessions, but still no hard evidence he was paid to do so.

BLAINE GABBERT HAS A THEME SONG. This is truly terrible. And when did he steal Ricky Stanzi's schtick?

CY SHOULD DO THIS MORE OFTEN. Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog was the life of the party at a wedding.