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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/14/13

JACQUES AT IT AGAIN. Another rendition of Channel 10 news has Jacques Washington interviewing players at media day. Highlights include Tom Farniok being referred to as "beefcastle" and PJ Harris attempting to seduce everyone with his own take on the Iowa State Fight Song.

ERNST BECOMES COMPLETE. Ernst Brun's blocking was a negative part of his game when he first arrived on campus, but not anymore.

AHEAD OF THE CURVE. With Sam Richardson at the helm, Courtney Messingham and Paul Rhoads believe that up to this point of the year, the Cyclones are more advanced at the QB position than years past.

IRVING TO DT. The massive David Irving has been shifted from DE to DT, playing alongside Rodney Coe in practice. How will he adjust to the change?

MORE ON THE DL. Other than Coe's strong camp, coaches are also high on Cory Morrissey and Brandon Jensen, who Shane Burnham notes as being further along than Jake McDonough at this point.

CHIZIK BOWL. Iowa State basketball will host Auburn on ESPNU at 6 p.m on December 2nd.

BARKING CARNIVAL PREVIEW. A Big 12 preview from the people who own us.

2 QB OFFENSE. If you've never seen ULM play, you should check this article out on their 2 QB offense.

DEZ IS HATING ON THE NCAA.Dez Bryant is firing shots at the NCAA over the Johnny Manziel saga and he actually makes some pretty good points.

THE BEST "REC LEAGUE GUY" YET. Some dickhead quits a kickball team over his teammates not being competitive enough.