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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/19/13

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WE MAKE TURF MANAGEMENT LOOK SO COOL. Iowa State's getting so antsy for the new season, they're making hit tapes for the field crew.

THE NEXT KNOTT. Luke Knott is putting a surprising amount of pressure on Jevohn Miller for playing time.

SECONDARY ANALYSIS. A look at the defensive backfield.

BIG PASSING DAY. Big plays in the passing game highlighted Saturday night's closed scrimmage.

DALEY IMPRESSING. Dondre Daley is just a redshirt freshman, but he's turning heads in camp.

THE PERFECT COACH FOR IOWA STATE. Paul Rhoads and Iowa State fans form a great bond.

CJL EXCITED. Christy Johnson-Lynch knows that her team lost a lot of talent this year, but she's happy with what she has.

REUNITED AT LAST? D'Vario Montgomery, Sam Richardson's high school teammate and consensus 4 star, looked at ISU hard before committing to USF, but looks like he'll end up here after all. Just think about the 6'5 Montgomery and 6'5 Allen Lazard on the field together next fall.

BIG 12 DOES PLAY DEFENSE! F/+ stats show that Big 12 schools are better at defense than you'd think. Iowa State's defenses the last two years really benefit from this analysis.

NEW TCU HELMET. Frogs O' War may have uncovered another TCU helmet.

ANOTHER STUPID NCAA MESS. The NCAA is trying to take away the eligibility of a former Marine who played in an intramural football league while on base. And this is why the NCAA is the NCAA.

ACCURATE PASS, BRO. Chandler Harnish throws to no receiver in particular, unless you count Pam Oliver's face as a receiver.