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David, a Mr Cy is on Line 1

Jamie Squire

ESPN Big 12 beat writer David Ubben has never been to an Iowa State football game in Ames. As a slap in the face, he managed to get to games at Big 12 newcomers West Virginia & TCU in their inaugrural seasons while once again sidestepping Ames. He even visited Morgantown and Fort Worth before either team played a Big 12 game!

However, we here at WRNL are anything if not gracious and earlier this year WRNL extended a virtual olive branch to Mr. Ubben. We suggested an open date on his road trip schedule; possibly one with a world-class opponent he'd approve of (Texas). Hell, we even offered to cover his hotel and ticket to the game if he would just indulge our desires to marinate in his presence. David toyed with our emotions on Twitter before declining. To make matters worse he even rebuffed our man Jacques Washington at Big 12 Media Days.

WRNL will not be deterred though and if repeated denials over a long period of time had stopped WRNL Nation in the past we'd all be virgins.

Please reconsider David - WRNL wants you, Ames wants you, Cyclone Nation wants you. Just remember...

Dinner's on us!