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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/20/13

THE MAYOR BEING THE MAYOR. Is there anything he can't do?

SPLITTING CARRIES. How does Kenith Pope deal with dividing the carries up between a stable of running backs?

PRACTICE 15 & 16. Video is up on

PLAY SMARTER. Paul Rhoads is happy with recent scrimmages, saying that the play has been much cleaner.

TALENT VS. COACHING. Football Study Hall broke down the seasons where programs got the most out of their talent.

KLENAKIS TALKS LINE. An interview with Chris Klenakis about his position group.

MINISTER OF DEFENSE. David Irving is a giant DE. He's also an ordained minister.

BRUN DRAFTABLE? Ernst Brun is mentioned as an intriguing prospect for next spring's NFL draft.

BIGGEST SHOES TO FILL. Jared Brackens gets the designation as the Iowa State player with the biggest shoes to fill.

IS MOMENTUM REAL? Bill Barnwell talks about the fallacy of "momentum" in sports.

NO MORE DAYTON? With the NCAA First Four possibly leaving Dayton, is Des Moines a possibility?

DON'T GIVE WEIS CREDIT. Bring On The Cats isn't happy about Charlie Weis' JUCO recruiting being compared to Bill Snyder's.