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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/21/13

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ISU FOOTBALL BENEFITS FROM TITLE IX. It seems weird that a rule cutting back on male sports would benefit football, but Mike Green explains.

DEFENSIVE LINE EMERGING. Rob Gray explains how David Irving and the defensive line is coming along.

BORING IS GOOD. There's no camp battle to determine the starting QB for once, and that's a good thing.

FLIPPING FIELD POSITION. Paul Rhoads wants Kirby Van Der Kamp to punt less, but that's not due to KVDK's talent level.

TALKING TO THE BACKUP. Grant Rohach talks to CF about being the backup to Sam Richardson.

PISTOL POWER. Will the pistol offense reignite Iowa State's running game?

WILLIE'S BACK. Willie Scott has been reinstated and will play against UNI.

JUCO PIPELINE. Iowa State has definitely noticed the large amount of quality players coming from Iowa Western.

WELCOME TO ISU. Jamie Pollard and Paul Rhoads greets freshmen as they move into the dorms.

WAY TO GO, NCAA. Kerwin Okoro's hardship waiver was denied because the NCAA is the NCAA.

TALKING BIG 12 QBS. Sam Richardson gets mentioned as a possible breakout candidate.

LAZARD FALLING. Allen Lazard was downgraded by Rivals to their #5 WR nationally, down from #1.

LONGHORN LEAP? Is this the year it all comes together for Texas?

MORE BOWL GAMES! We're up to 38 bowls as Boca Raton and the Bahamas both get a bowl game.

FOOTBALL IS CONFUSING TO WOMEN. So don't even try to help them enjoy it.

NOT BELLDOZER. Trevor Knight was named the starting QB for Oklahoma, ahead of last year's backup Blake Bell.

PURDUE HORRIBLE. Indiana made that terrible "This is IU" video last year, so obviously, Purdue had to one-up it.