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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/22/13

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FORDE NO LIKE US. Pat Forde ranks Ames as the worst Big 12 town. Obviously, I disagree, but hey, if he came here on a cold November day and was let down by Hickory Park after people emailed him about how great it was, I can see it.

D'VARIO MONTGOMERY IN. The former 4 star recruit is transferring from USF to Iowa State to play with his high school QB Sam Richardson.

MOST CHALLENGING SEASON YET? Why Paul Rhoads' fifth season could also be his most challenging coach task to date.

BRACKENS LOOKING BIG. Jared Brackens spent all summer in the film room, and the converted safety is finally looking like a linebacker.

QUIET CONFIDENCE. If you missed this yesterday, Brent Blum wrote a preview for the 2013 season that will have you at least taking a sip of the Kool-Aid.

PRACTICE 19-20. Video is up.

GREAT GOLFING. With Fred Hoiberg's ace leading the way with his ace, Iowa State has accomplished some big golf feats this summer.

MCNABB CRAZINESS. Looking at a history of how Donovan McNabb's career has been followed by stupidity.

ANGRY COMM DIRECTOR. The Chicago Fire's Communications Director went off on the official website last night.

TRAINING TO BE BORING. Prepping to talk to the media with the New York Jets.