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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/23/13

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SOLD OUT! Iowa State's football opener against UNI is now completely sold out.

PASSABLE PASS RUSH. Iowa State has done the best in the Big 12 when they've had even a mediocre pass rush.

BUNDRAGE CONNECTION. Quenton Bundrage has developed some very good chemistry with Sam Richardson.

RECAPPING WITH RHOADS. John Walters catches up with Paul Rhoads about training camp.

FACE OF THE D. Jeremiah George is ready to be the face of the Iowa State defense.

PT FOR TRUE FROSH? Nigel Tribune is impressing coaches in camp, so much that he might get a lot of playing time as a true freshman.

HANGING ON TO LAZARD. Notre Dame is pushing hard, but Allen Lazard remains a Cyclone commit.

SAM RICHARDSON TIMES TWO. A good story from the Register on Iowa State's dueling Sam Richardsons.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. The young ISU team is making up for their inexperience with reps.

X FACTOR. Jarvis West is mentioned as the ISU player who could be an X factor on offense this fall.

RHOADS HAS TO WIN NOW. Says Bleacher Report, because Bleacher Report gonna Bleacher Report.

WIKI LEGIT. Viva the Matadors is totally a legit operation now that they're on Wikipedia.

BEYONCE LOVES THE LONGHORNS. Beyonce sporting a David Ash jersey for the world to see.

THIS IS AMAZING. The art of ruining a fantasy draft.