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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/26/13

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WTF IS THIS? The ISU PD put out a Call Me Maybe video for freshmen. Because Call Me Maybe videos are totally en vogue right now.

13 KEYS. Randy Peterson highlights the 13 keys to Iowa State's season.

THE MOST EXPERIENCED? Iowa State's offensive coaching staff is somehow tied for the most experienced in the Big 12.

WIMBERLY'S FINE. Despite rumors to the contrary, Aaron Wimberly is just fine, says Paul Rhoads.

RECAPPING WITH ROGERS. Charlie Rogers recaps his fall camp.

RESERVED RICHARDSON. Sam Richardson doesn't like to talk a big game. He'd just prefer to play big.

BLYTHE IS THE ENEMY. Once a Cyclone legend, Todd Blythe will be on the enemy sideline at Jack Trice for the second straight year.

BOBBY LECTURE-GESSE. Bobby La Gesse tells Cyclone Nation to chill out with how we take perceived slights. Maybe he wants to reconsider his target audience, but the message has some merit.

MORE PASSERS. Christy Johnson-Lynch is emphasizing the importance of better passers on the court for the Cyclones this year.

TCU-LSU. How can the dark horse Big 12 contenders knock off the SEC powerhouse?

RICH ROD WINS THE DANCE OFF. Arizona had a dance off to close their fall camp, and Rich Rodriguez was the star.

GO SOUTH CAROLINA! A team-themed rap that doesn't completely suck!

FIELD STORMING! The NFL preseason was hit with a double shot of fans running onto the field.