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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/28/13

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HIGH ON SUNSHINE. Iowa State is feeling very good about Sam Richardson leading the team.

EXTRA SNAPS FOR BUNDRAGE. The Cyclones are deploying #1 WR Quenton Bundrage on the kick return team.

STUDENT TO TEACHER. It took just one short offseason for Jeremiah George to go from apprentice to teacher.

CHARLIE ROGERS HAS A SWEET FLAT TOP. All about the Cyclones' redshirt freshman starter at cornerback.

QUESTIONS ABOUT UNI. John Walters catches up with players about their matchup with UNI this Saturday.

BASKETBALL PROSPECTUS. put out their annual prospectus on the 2013-2014 men's basketball season.

JAKE TROTTER'S NOT GETTING EATEN. New Big 12 blogger (and Ubben replacement) Jake Trotter says he's been to Ames twice and loved it.

SEC TAKEDOWN. Just a couple of days until the Big 12 goes toe to toe with the SEC.

SEEING SOME STARS AT HILTON THIS YEAR. Draft Express' 2014 mock draft is out, and 5 of their projected lottery picks are from the Big 12.

BET AGAINST ISU. Bud Elliott says bet against the Cyclones and their 5.5 win line.

HERNANDEZ ALREADY ON THIN ICE? A Rolling Stone article suggests Hernandez was already very troubled before the murder charges, and Urban Meyer covered up for him at Florida.