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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/29/13

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FIRST GAME CHILLS. Another solid article from Brent Blum that isn't helping anyone's football fever.

THE COMPETITION GOES ON. Cole Netten and Edwin Arceo will continue the kicking competition up until gameday.

UNI MEDIA GUIDE. Here's UNI's media guide for the matchup against Iowa State.

EXPLAINING QUICK/STRONG. Steve Malchow gives a rundown of how position nomenclature has changed for the Cyclones.

WILL THE ROOKIES PLAY? Chris Williams discusses the likelihood of some first timers getting playing time Saturday.

MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL. David Irving's switch from DE to DT has been a win for both the team and Irving.

EXPECTING A DOGFIGHT. The Cyclones aren't expecting the Panthers to go down easily.

JEREMIAH'S TURN. It's Jeremiah George's time to shine as the leader and best player on the Iowa State defense.

FANPOST. Hey, we like FanPosts here, so check out CrowdControl's ode to the season.

CLOSE WIN. Jake Trotter is predicting a close win for the Cyclones on Saturday.

HAHN UP FOR MAJOR AWARD. Kristen Hahn is one of 30 candidate up for the senior CLASS award.


EVERY UNIFORM CHANGE. All the uniform changes in college football this year. Iowa State gets rave reviews.

MANZIEL DRAMA OVER. Johnny Manziel was suspended for a half, making it possibly the stupidest suspension the NCAA has handed out to date. Apparently the NCAA decided he didn't take money, yet suspended him for not stopping others from selling his autograph. Meanwhile, Texas A&M is selling a photograph of him ON THE SAME PAGE as his suspension announcement.

TEXAS 12-0! At the end of the season, we'll pretend we saw these things happening.

WE GET IT BRANDON, THE DUDE IS FAT. Brandon Phillips goes on a tirade about a portly reporter.