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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/30/13

SETTING THE TONE. The first game of the season can set the tone for the whole year, writes Steve Malchow.

HIGH TEMPS. The forecast is down to the low 90s, but Iowa State is taking precautions with the high temperature for Saturday.

ERNST IS A GOOD DUDE. Ernst Brun made a new friend this summer.

COORDINATORS BREAK DOWN UNI. Courtney Messingham and Wally Burnham break down the Panthers on Cyclones.TV.

CF PREVIEW. Just like our own KnowDan, Chris Williams also picks the Cyclones to win.

WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ASSUME. I think Iowa State's violations are pretty minor, but Randy Peterson is using the NCAA's half game suspension for Johnny Manziel to deduce that the Cyclones won't get hit with more sanctions. You know, like the NCAA ever made any sense.

OUCH, 102. Matt Hinton runs through all 125 teams, and ISU is down all the way at 102.

ADVENTURES OF THE BIG 12. It's back after a two year absence. Iowa State makes a cameo, while there's a bunch of twerkin' going on.

SMOKING MUSKET TALKS OUT OF CONFERENCE. Part 1 of the best 8 out of conference games in the Big 12 includes Iowa State-Iowa.

GARY DANIELSON IS IN TOUCH WITH COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS. The CBS announcer argues that fans don't like uptempo offenses, because we need huddles to go to the bathroom and get beers. We realize you don't see commercials, Gary, but the rest of us do.

FOOTBALL'S BACK! All the happenings of last night's big CFB premiere, highlighted by a couple of exciting games between Ole Miss-Vandy and Fresno State-Rutgers, and lowlighted by UConn losing to FCS Towson.

PUKE AND RALLY. Jordan Matthews pukes on the field, then makes a clutch catch.

ALL ABOUT SATAN. GQ followed around Nick Saban for a while, and it appears he didn't murder any kittens.