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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/5/13

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COLEMAN GETS REWARDED. Justin Coleman transferred to ISU as a walk-on when football was cut at his previous school, and now he's earned a scholarship.

MORE PRODUCTION. Iowa State is looking for expanded output from its offense this year.

MORE ON THAT PISTOL. Discussing what the Pistol formation means to Iowa State's offense.

CAPTAINS ANNOUNCED. Jeremiah George, Jeff Woody, James White, Jacques Washington, Kirby Van Der Kamp, and Ernst Brun are your Cyclone captains for the 2013 season.

QUESTIONS ON DEFENSE. The bright spot on the 2012 squad faces a lot of questions this year.

CF PREVIEWS. Chris Williams previews both the offense and the defense.

MORE MANZIEL DRAMA. Johnny Football's eligibility is in question after an ESPN OTL report discovered he sold autographs.

MALZAHN'S BEST PLAY. Whatever this playcard is supposed to represent, it has to be awesome, right?

INSIDE VOLLEYBALL. has a nice feature on the volleyball program.

ME TOO, JOE. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin is already bored with preseason football.

MADDEN DAY. With Madden bringing back the top 25 players ever, would 2004 Vick still dominate?

LEEEEEEROY JENKINS. Somebody yelled that during a Tiger Woods shot this weekend.

WORST MARTIAL ARTS VIDEO EVER. If the purpose was to convince everyone to never get into it, then this video was a great success.