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Iowa State Announces Jack Trice Throwback Uniforms

2013 is truly the year of Jack Trice.

The Cyclones are paying tribute to the legendary Jack Trice with a throwback uniform worn during the 1920s. The uniform will be used this year when they host the Iowa Hawkeyes on September 14th in Ames. This comes on the heels of dropping the very cool Iowa State 2013 football commercial which featured "Jack Trice" standing in the shadows of the stadium named after him.

Earlier this year, Joshua Kagavi did some incredible research on Jack Trice's uniform number, and there have been rumors of a Jack Trice throwback for almost a year. Last month, @CycloneRecruits also noted that the entrance tunnel has been redone to honor Jack Trice.

If you are unfamiliar with the tale of Jack Trice, it's an incredible story of the first African-American athlete at Iowa State who died as a result of injuries on the football field in 1923. He was forced to stay in a racially segregated hotel in Minneapolis before a game against the University of Minnesota, and ended up being trampled during the game by Gopher players. The legend of Jack Trice was mostly forgotten until 1973 when students started the push to honor him. In 1997 the football stadium was officially named Jack Trice Stadium.

Today, Jack Trice Stadium is still the only Division 1 stadium named after an African-American, and Iowa State is continuing to honor his memory with a classy looking throwback jersey.