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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/6/13

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TEAM SPEED. After one practice, Paul Rhoads is already excited about the overall speed of this year's team. Also notable: Aaron Wimberly is working in the slot as well.

PRACTICE VIDEO. If you're into watching practice video after 7 months away, has your fix.

BEST PICTURE YET? Here's one more sweet shot of those throwbacks announced yesterday.

MORE OFFENSE. Bobby La Gesse writes that this year is the year that ISU truly needs more from its offense.

POST PRACTICE 1. CFTV interviews Paul Rhoads after practice.

FRIENDLY FRONTCOURT. Melvin Ejim and Georges Niang form a dynamic duo on the court, one of the best returning duos in the nation.

THE UBBEN EFFECT. I promoted this to the frontpage, but Gookin put up a good FanPost read on how wrong David Ubben's been about Iowa State over the years.

GETTING PAID TO MOVE OUT. Iowa State is facing record enrollment, so they're paying upperclassmen $1,000 to leave the dorms.

ANOTHER HIT FOR TCU. The second starter in as many weeks has left the TCU football program.

MORE UNIFORMS. Notre Dame also dropped some new threads yesterday, and I don't mind them.

MORE MANZIEL. Johnny Manziel is now in trouble for selling his autograph, and A&M has hired Cam Newton's lawyers to prove his innocence/fool the NCAA.

RILEY COOPER COULD HAVE STOPPED ALL THIS? Turns out he knew about the existence of the video and probably could have just bought it for much less than he was fined.

AND.. WHY NOT. Here's some Mormon missionaries schooling some black guys in basketball.