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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/7/13

SEASON TICKET SALES RECORD. For the third straight year, Iowa State has broken the season ticket sales record. The incredible stat is that the season ticket base has increased 20% since Rhoads, and 81% since Pollard.

KLENAKIS IN CHARGE. Chris Klenakis is going old school to help get the much maligned offensive line turned around.

NEWCOMERS. The series marches on with the defensive line newbies.

GOOD SUNSHINE. Courtney Messingham is happy with Sam Richardson's progress.

PRACTICE 2. Video of practice #2 is up on

WALLY LIKES THE DEFENSE. The very young defense had some high praise heaped on it by Wally Burnham.

DAILY UBBEN. Here's Mr. Ubben's look at preseason camp at Iowa State.

BEST EQUIPPED FOR THE NBA. Missed this the other day, but Fred Hoiberg is #1 in a poll of coaches on who is most ready to jump to the NBA.

VOLLEYBALL ALL CONFERENCE. Three Cyclones made the Big 12 preseason team.

ALL ABOUT HELMETS. A pretty cool article on how all these crazy helmet textures and colors are created.

LARRY! The Godfather signed a new contract with Colorado State.

THE GIF ORACLE. This is the oracle we've all deserved, but not the one we need. A categorized database of animated GIFs!

BASEBALL FIGHTS GET EVEN LAMER. Baseball fights are already pretty tame, but now, team Twitter accounts just bitch at each other.

ALMOST AS TERRIBLE AS CARLY RAE. Raul Ibanez does his best Carly Rae Jepsen first pitch impression.

FOUNTAIN LADY! The gem of Des Moines was interviewed by Fox 4 after spending the night in jail. I think the best part of the story is her solicitation charge. In case you missed the original story, here you go.