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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/8/13

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DREAMY AS EVER. Fred Hoiberg talks about being on ESPN's Big Monday twice this year against KU and Oklahoma State.

SHONTRELLE'S FEELING GOOD. After a freak ACL tear before last year's Liberty Bowl to (arguably) ISU's best running back, he's feeling good (and fast) for the 2013 season.

ALL ABOUT COE. There's been a lot of buzz about Rodney Coe, so here he is talking about fall camp, and Shane Burnham scouts Coe.

HOW DESPERATE ARE YOU FOR A THROWBACK? There will be an auction of game worn throwback uniforms after the Iowa game.

MORE KLENAKIS. Today is the Register's turn for profiling new OL coach Chris Klenakis. Also, news that Bob Graham is out for the season.

CONTROLLING THE CLOCK. Giving the defense more time to rest is a major focus for the offense this year.

SAGE TALKS NFC CHAMPIONSHIP. Sage Rosenfels writes an incredible tell-all on the 2009 NFC Championship game between the VIkings and the Saints.

CHELF ALMOST QUIT? It turns out 2013 OSU starting QB Clint Chelf almost quit football last year.

SNYDER FLUNKED OUT OF MIZZOU. An interesting story about how Bill Snyder flunked out of Mizzou in 1834 1958.

PATTERSON HATES ON MILES. Gary Patterson is firing shots at Les Miles over the Jeremy Hill incident.

NFL RELOCATION. Roger Goodell's secret plan to relocate every franchise outside of the US is revealed.

GO DES MOINES! DSM tops Forbes' list of best places for business and careers.