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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/9/13

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KIRBY! Kirby Van Der Kamp was named a preseason second team All-American by Sports Illustrated.

DL CONFIDENCE. Chris Williams discusses where the new found confidence from the defensive line came from.

COE'S SPECIAL. Rodney Coe is unlike any other Cyclone defensive tackle.

SHONTRELLE FULL SPEED. According to himself and teammates, "The Rabbit" is back.

ANOTHER DAY OF PRACTICE. Practice #4 video is up.

THAT CONCUSSION PROBLEM. A poll reveals 33 percent of players have lied about getting a concussion.

BASKETBALL NONCONFERENCE PREVIEW. Matt Shoultz checks out Iowa State's nonconference slate, headlined by Michigan coming to Hilton Coliseum.

HOIBERG LIKES HIS TEAM. Fred Hoiberg seems to be pleased with his newcomers.

WHOA UBBEN. Possibly inspired scared by all the comments on WRNL about eating him, David Ubben has picked the Cyclones to upset TCU.

NO MORE JERSEY SALES. The NCAA will stop selling team related memorabilia on its website, stopping the hypocritical practice.

POOR FORM, HOKIES. Virginia Tech sends out scholarship letters in Comic Sans MS.

MANZIEL'S FREE? There may not be an active NCAA investigation into Johnny Football after all.

SHORTEST LIVED JERSEY IDEA EVER. Bronco Mendenhall's idea to replace player names with catchphrases didn't last very long.

MARK SANCHEZ: WORST EVER. The Jets QB might be the worst ever, if you're into using stats to measure awfulness.

RACIST BUDDIES! Tony Scheffler and Louis Delmas of the Detroit Lions drop racial slurs at each other as terms of endearment.

UNDERWATER HOCKEY. This is apparently not a made up sport. One high school in America actually competes in it.

LAYING OUT. Fan makes amazing catch, then destroys his face by crashing into a fence.