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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/10/13

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JANSEN'S BACK. A very happy return for Jansen Watson to the Cyclone defensive backfield.

WOODY LOVES HATE WEEK. Jeff Woody is "vehemently" against dropping the series against Iowa.

DEPTH CHART CHANGES. Bobby La Gesse highlights the changes that have happened to ISU's lineup in the bye week.

INFO ON IOWA GAME. Paul Rhoads' press conference and TV info about the Iowa game.

1998. 15 years ago, Iowa State turned the tide against the Hawkeyes in the rivalry.

FLORIDA GUYS BATTLE FOR IOWA. Jake Rudock and Sam Richardson are both from Florida, but will be facing each other in the Cy-Hawk rivalry.

WELL, SOMEBODY'S GOTTA WIN. This year's Iowa State-Iowa game might be a giant pillow fight.

MICHIGAN VISIT. A visit from national runnerups Michigan highlights a very difficult 3 week stretch for the Cyclones.

STEELE FLASHBACK. During Hate Week, Brent Blum recounts the man who will be forgetten, but never lost to the Hawkeyes.

OKLAHOMA STATE SCANDAL. None of these allegations are all that crazy or surprising, but the level of detail should be of some concern to Cowboy fans.

THE MOST KANSAS THING EVER. The Jayhawks received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for celebrating a touchdown that didn't even count.

MACK BROWN HAS GONE CRAZY. From claiming he doesn't feel any pressure to win right now to saying that the "defensive schemes were good" while firing his defensive coordinator, Mack Brown has gone completely delusional.

GAS ON A TIRE FIRE. So, the early reviews for hiring Greg Robinson to replace Manny Diaz are pretty good...

THE ALPHABETICAL. The final word on last weekend from Spencer Hall.