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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/12/13

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ELEMENTARY RIVALRY. Brent Blum on the Cy-Hawk rivalry.

COE DOESN'T LIKE IOWA. Rodney Coe was once a Hawkeye commit, but he's not a fan of them anymore.

UNI WASN'T SAM'S FAULT. Steve Malchow looks at the unique feat Sam Richardson led the Cyclones to against UNI.

PICKING UP FOR GIVENS. It's hard to replace a guy who led the nation in takeaways, but Deon Broomfield's going to try.

MESS TALKS IOWA. Our offensive coordinator talks about the various ways he'll make Iowa's defense look better.

THE EIGHT TYPES OF HAWKEYE FANS. Here's a good addition to hate week.

TROTTER PICKS ISU. Jake Trotter, still endearing himself to ISU fans, picking the Cyclones over the Hawks.

WELL, THIS STORY'S DYING DOWN. SI's investigation into Oklahoma State launches into how Oklahoma State players smoke weed, which is totally unique to them. The fall out from yesterday's portion has Thayer Evans getting blasted by Brandon Weeden, and Aso Pogi calling shenanigans on the entire story.

SEC DOMINATION. Because the SEC is the best at everything, they now have a scandal story that has some evidence from Charles Robinson.

NEW TRANSFER RULES. The NCAA is looking into giving transfers self releases to stop coaches from limiting destinations. Probably overdue.

WTF DRC. Dominique Rodgers Cromartie's car is all kinds of crazy.

REMEMBERING VS. #NEVERFORGET. A good read on honoring 9/11.