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Iowa Locker Room Gets Burglarized

Thieves are terrible, regardless of affiliation.

Kirk and Paul agree: Stealing ain't cool.
Kirk and Paul agree: Stealing ain't cool.
David Purdy

Sometime during Saturday's Cy-Hawk game, the visitor's locker room was burglarized, with nine Iowa coaches and players reporting missing cell phones and cash. Iowa linebackers coach LeVar Woods sent out the following tweet.

UPDATE: Iowa State has released an official statement on this matter. Jamie Pollard has indicated that Iowa State Athletics will reimburse all stolen items if no suspect is found.

Iowa State and Iowa may be a heated rivalry, and WRNL certainly contributes with our additions to #HATEWEEK, but this is a truly deplorable act that goes beyond any sense of rivalry. and I hope whoever is responsible is caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

Unfortunately, because of the rivalry, fans from both sides have completely jumped the shark on this news, with Cyclone fans coming up with hopefully/probably joking, wild theories like Kirk Ferentz stealing items as inspiration, while Hawkeye fans are jumping to condemn the entire Iowa State fan base and university as a bunch of thieves and overall terrible people.

Even our friend and affable BHGP blogger Patrick Vint decided to use this opportunity to call out Iowa State as a glorified high school, which I guess makes his university a glorified high school with smaller enrollment than ours?

Iowa State, like many other universities, hires a "security firm" to maintain access of gameday facilities, which usually includes stadium gates and parking., so while both theories are theoretically possible, let's all take a step back and remember that the truth is likely much simpler than either of these theories; someone with loose morals somehow gained access to a room that contained valuables, and it wouldn't matter if the valuables belonged to Hawkeyes, Cyclones, or hell, even Longhorns.

This isn't an Ames thing or an Iowa City thing, a Hawkeye or Cyclone thing. Bad people are always going to be bad people.