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Ten Positives from the CyHawk Loss

Sure, Iowa State lost to the rival Hawkeyes in depressing fashion. Sure, Iowa State lost to UNI two weeks prior. And sure, the Big 12 schedule looms ... but there are positives! There are always positives! Below WRNL gives you 10 silver linings to the craptastic weekend:

Mark A. Cunningham

1) More Attention For Syria

What's going on over there? Chemical weapons? A war of some sort? Sounds like some nastiness we should be paying attention to. It can be a larger focus of our attention now.

2) Attendance At Other Sports


Were you aware they play volleyball in the fall? Yes, really. Iowa State is good at it too! Soccer, that's a thing. Wrestling is just around the corner, maybe look into some intramural sports? The possibilities are endless.

3) Better Harvest

Dry weather be damned, that crop has to come in soon. Now Iowa's farmers can turn down that radio and focus on feeding the world.

4) Sneakiness

Almost every other football team in the land think they can steamroll Iowa State now. Any positive play will be mind-blowing to future opponents, who will be totally unprepared to face an actual football-game-playing team should we make any type of bye week improvement.

5) Fresh Legs

Weisman is so tired right now. He had to run the length of a football field and halfway back. None of our running backs had over 10 yards. Get out of your chair right now (I'll wait). OK, now run 10 yards... Are you tired? Could you do that again in about a week? I think you see my point.

6) Hawkeye Trolling Goes Away


Now that they won in convincing fashion, there is literally no reason left for Hawk fans on the internets to continue badgering fans of the team they don't care about. This almost guarantees a stop to all of the nonsense.

7) Throwback Pricing

Did I want a Jack Trice throwback? Absolutely. Could I afford one? No. But now the market is gonna be way down. People will be selling those jerseys for pennies on the dollar. I have those pennies at the ready.

8) Fred Hoiberg


Have you seen Fred Hoiberg lately? You should.

9) Irrational Fears Subdued

ISU fans can have some nonsensical worries sometimes. One of them is the fear that Paul Rhoads may leave us at any moment for an elite program ... like UNI. Rest your pretty heads fellow Cyclone fan, the only program looking now is Auburn.

10) Happy Holidays

Going to a Bowl game anywhere costs money. Even Memphis is going to run you gas money, hotel, chicken, waffles ... it’s endless, really. Now that a bowl is pretty much an impossibility, you can focus on buying your significant other something pretty instead - like a throwback jersey.