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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/17/13

WHY SO MANY UNDERCLASSMEN? Chris Williams looks at why there's so many underclassmen starting. One reason is very good. The other... not so much. Good lord, look at all the LB recruiting misses.

GO KERWIN! Kerwin Okoro finally gets immediate eligibility granted by the NCAA after an appeal. We'll be rooting hard for the former Cyclone who has endured far too many hardships in his young life.

MORE BUBBLE PASSES! Greg Davis has apparently inhabited the body of Paul Rhoads. He also believes we've thrown the ball downfield too much. I'm not sure we've been watching the same games.

FARNIOK BACK. Tom Farniok is back just as Jamison Lalk is declared out for a couple of weeks. Those bye weeks are looking not so horrible now.

NO FORCED ENTRY. Whoever stole the valuables from Iowa's locker room likely had credentialed access to the area.

UNSUNG HERO. Quenton Bundrage was named as one of Brandon Chatmon's unsung heroes in the Big 12 this weekend.

BO KNOWS. Bo Pelini had to apologize for a leaked recording of him hating on Nebraska fans and media. You get the right to feign your anger over this only if you've never thought the same thing about Nebraska fans.

OSU: THE FALLOUT. Part 5 of SI's series is all about how Oklahoma State doesn't care about its players' lives outside of football, which is clearly evidenced by the fact they kept Artrell Woods on scholarship, or the fact that they booted Herschel Sims, who was in line to be the #1 running back.

MACK BROWN IS ALREADY APOLOGIZING. After another loss and another press conference full of strange excuses (trying too hard? really?) and emo-ness, Mack Brown is pre-apologizing for future terribleness.

THE ALPHABETICAL. Required weekly reading is back!

DEAD LAST FOR ROYCE. Royce White finishes dead last in ESPN's NBA player rankings. I'll just consider the fact he's even included on an NBA list an accomplishment.

T. BOONE DESTROYS ROVELL. And everyone cheered.

TAILGATE STRIPPERS. One family is refusing to go to Chiefs games because there's a bunch of strippers who tailgate... in regular clothes.