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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/18/13

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RUN GAME INTERVENTION. Brent Blum is hosting an intervention for the struggling Iowa State rushing attack.

BUILDING ON BIG GAME. Quenton Bundrage wants to build on his massive game against Iowa.

MOST INDISPENSABLE COMBO. 2 of the top 3 finishers in ISU's most indispensable bowl may be back on the field together against Tulsa.

BOTTOM TEN. After four years away, the Cyclones are back in ESPN's Bottom 10.

#39. Iowa State is featured at number 39 in USA Today's college basketball countdown.

LUCIOUS TALKS MSU. Korie Lucious says excessive marijuana use was what got him booted from the Spartans, but also adds that Tom Izzo wasn't a big fan of his game.

BASKETBALL VISITOR. Josh Cunningham will be visiting Iowa State on October 26th.

PAUL RHOADS' NAME IS RAPPABLE. Lucky number 13 rank for Paul Rhoads if he wants to start a rap career.

HOW DOES KSU KEEP BEATING TEXAS? Brandon Chatmon examines.

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. Wisconsin's botched winning field goal attempt is the highlight of TWIS. We're still absent because Texas' rage is still the center of attention in the Big 12.

YOU KNOW, I AGREE WITH THIS. Hlas argues that secretly taping Pelini is much worse than his dropping of f-bombs. Honestly, I kind of hope Paul Rhoads hates on our students if they leave in the middle of a huge comeback.