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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/19/13

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IRVING GETTING ADJUSTED. David Irving is getting adjusted to life at DT, not that he hasn't been a bright spot while trying to do so.

YOGA PANTS. The men's basketball team is all about hot yoga right now.

CATCHING UP WITH MESS. The embattled offensive coordinator chats about the stuff he's been working on so the offense doesn't look like hot garbage for another week.

BYE WEEK UPDATE. Cyclones.TV catches up with the team as they enter their second bye week of the season.

THOSE EARLY BYE WEEKS ARE LOOKING GOOD NOW. Chris Williams discusses the benefits of the early bye weeks this year.

TRIBUNE CRACKS SECONDARY. True freshman Nigel Tribune went from decommit to action as a true freshman.

BUNDRAGE IN RARE COMPANY. Quenton was only the seventh ISU receiver ever to catch 3 touchdowns in one game.

PUTTING RIVALRY SECOND. The ROTC programs of Iowa State and Iowa put their rivalry aside last weekend.

THE RISE OF THE FCS. Investigating why the gap between the FBS and FCS is smaller than ever right now.

PREPPING FOR BAMA. A really cool look behind the scenes of A&M's prep to play Alabama.

GENO SMITH'S FOOTBALL HELL. Jon Bois doing Jon Bois things, this time making Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow Geno Smith's wideouts in Madden.

RICK REILLY LOVES THE REDSKINS. He's clinging hard to continuing to call the Redskins the Redskins.