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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/23/13

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GAMEDAY CENTRAL. kicks off Tulsa week with some TV and radio information.

POSITIVITY CENTRAL. Randy Peterson is still trying to find the positives with Iowa State's 2013 football season.

MESS IS STILL THROWING THE BLAME. Courtney Messingham is still throwing players under the bus, because that's going to fix everything.

REPLACEMENT KIRBY. The Cyclones got a commitment from Wisconsin punter Colin Downing, who was no doubt swayed by the Messingham offense generating plenty of punting opportunities. Bobby La Gesse has more on the call Downing was waiting for.

REVENGE! The Iowa State women beat Iowa 3-1 at Carver Hawkeye Arena.

FRESHMAN WALKON FORMER ARMY RANGER. A good read about a very interesting non-traditional football player for the Cyclones.

KEEP MACK BROWN. Multiple schools are starting to sell a "Keep Mack Brown" t-shirt. Because being just above mediocrity with 5 star recruits is a beautiful thing.

TOP 25 REVIEW. Hey, the rest of college football plays when Iowa State isn't losing!

BOWL PROJECTIONS. We're still on course for Alabama-Oregon. Also, Iowa State is shockingly not predicted for a bowl.

MORE OFFICIATING PROBLEMS FOR THE NFL. After another blown call, Bill Leavy's crew is 1 for 3 this season on non controversial games.

HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN? Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lost part of his finger during a game.

LOOPHOLES ARE MADE TO BE FOUND. The NHL has a rule about keeping helmets on during fights, so these two guys figured out a loophole.

EVEN THE PRESEASON IS SERIOUS. Don't tell the Maple Leafs and Sabres it's a preseason game, as they decided to line brawl.