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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/24/13

JACK TRICE IN GAME. Master researcher Joshua Kagavi goes on the hunt for a picture of Jack Trice in action at Iowa State.

FARNIOK'S READY. The "beefcastle" of the Cyclone offensive line is ready to get back on the field Thursday.

TULSA DEPTH CHART. The depth chart for Tulsa is out, and other than Farniok's return, the most notable changes are Dagel starting over Lichtenberg at ST and E.J. Bibbs jumping Ernst Brun for the honor of starting at tight end and being underused by our offense.

PAUL RHOADS PRESS CONFERENCE. Gameday Central has video of Paul Rhoads' press conference on Monday.

BAYLOR'S GOING TO MURDER US. Jake Trotter evaluates the Big 12 undefeateds and their likelihood of getting to 7-0, and gives Baylor's chance of victory over ISU a 97%.

FRED IS IN DEMAND. Jeff Goodman ranks college coaches in terms of NBA appeal, and only Bill Self and Coach K are ahead of Fred Hoiberg.

SAM'S ANKLE. Paul Rhoads talks about Sam Richardson's ailing ankle and if he'll be ready for Tulsa. Meanwhile, Chris Williams writes that Sam HAS to be able to run against Tulsa.

SAME TEAMS, DIFFERENT FACES. Tulsa and Iowa State play three times in 391 days, but this year's matchup will be quite different.

THE ALPHABETICAL. Spencer Hall's weekly recap is here, and the box score for Louisville-FIU is hilarious.

REORIENTATION: WEEK 4. Football Study Hall also checks out the week that was, and this one is worth a click for the lead blocking umpire GIF alone.

15 YEAR OLD COMMITS TO LSU. Dylan Moses, who has been featured on ESPN Magazine's cover, has committed to the LSU Tigers.

AMERICA'S PASTIME. The Astros drew a 0 Nielsen rating for their game against Cleveland.

SO... THAT SEVERED FINGER. Rashad Johnson is putting out pictures of his severed finger from his game on Sunday. It's pretty gross.

DEMARYIUS THOMAS IS A NELSON MUNTZ FAN. Recovers onside kick, points and laughs at Raiders.