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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/25/13

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RASHAD VAUGHN DOWN TO 7. The 5 star recruit cuts one big contender from the fray in Kentucky and Jon Rothstein thinks it's essentially down to two.

NETTEN WAS BORN TO KICK. Cole Netten has lived his entire life on track to become a kicker at Iowa State.

GRASPING AT STRAWS. Steve Malchow says that going on the road could somehow be a good thing for the Cyclones.

PAUL RHOADS CARRIES A BOOM BOX ON HIS SHOULDER. Just one of the things revealed as the Cyclones prepare to travel to Tulsa and get through their road woes.


BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR DAD. Jacques Washington is playing for a win against Tulsa, and so his dad can have bragging rights over his employer.

BIG 12 SPOTLIGHT. Kristen Hahn is the focus of a Big 12 sports student-athlete spotlight.

MESS MADE A MESS IN HIS PANTS WHILE READING THIS. An amazing SB Nation longform on Chip Kelly and his journey from New Hampshire to the Philadelphia Eagles.

HEY HEY HEY, SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY. Tom Izzo confirms that the departures of Chris Allen and Korie Lucious were due to overuse of marijuana.

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. West Virginia's "Describe our program with a picture" thread is the highlight of TWIS.

WHAT'S A COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER WORTH? Business Insider takes an interesting (albeit oversimplified) look at how much an average Texas football player is worth.

LET'S HOPE FOR MINIMAL IMPROVEMENT. Greg Robinson says he's seen progress with the Texas defense.

BAYLOR GOT THEM YARDS. Bill Connelly thinks Baylor will drop 1000 yards on somebody in this week's Numerical.

UBBEN AMA. David Ubben did a Reddit AMA yesterday.

PENN STATE PENALTY REDUCTION. In another dumbfounding move by the NCAA, Penn State is getting a bunch of their scholarships back.

F/+ LIKES ISU. The newest F/+ ratings are out, and hey, Iowa State is the second best winless team in the land!