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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/26/13

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NEW DUDS FOR BASKETBALL. We saw a glimpse of these a while back, but Cyclone sidebar has the full shoot of the new men's basketball jerseys.

BLANKENSHIP ON ISU. Tulsa coach Bill Blankenship discusses his opponent tonight.

PREVIEWS! Here's the Tulsa preview from Chris Williams at CycloneFanatic and Kirk Haaland at Encyclonepedia,

KIRBY FEATURE. Kirby Van Der Kamp gets the Iowa State Student-Athlete Spotlight on Big 12 Sports.

EQUALLY BAD. Tulsa and Iowa State are very similar in their terribleness this year.

DAGEL SETS THE BLUEPRINT. Bobby La Gesse points out that the path Brock Dagel took will be one that will have to happen more for Iowa State to turn the season around.

NEW HOME, BIGGER RESULTS. David Irving is fitting in really well, and is happy with his new home at defensive tackle.

UH OH TROTTER. You guys are probably going to want to cook Jake Trotter as he picked Tulsa over the Cyclones.

IOWA NICE GUY WEEK 4. Scott Siepker is back for another week of making fun of everything in college football.

POLLARD DOESN'T LIKE ALL PLAYERS UNITED. Jamie Pollard has never been one to not let his opinion be heard, and yesterday, voiced his strong opposition to athletes getting paid. In general, I'm a fan of JP, but this rant, just like his hypocritical rant about transfers during the McDermott era, seem like an unnecessary statement that generates zero possible benefits while holding the potential for plenty of harm, especially to recruiting.

JP AIN'T THE ONLY ONE HATIN'. The D1 athletic directors as a whole issued a statement about the pay for play issue. Jim Delany takes a more reasonable approach than Pollard by saying no pay for athletes, but is calling for more benefits.

SCIENTIFICALLY POMPOUS. An analysis of who the most pompous sports personality is.