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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/27/13

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RHOADS POST GAME PRESSER. Paul Rhoads talks to the media about finally getting that elusive W.

POST GAME INTERVIEWS. catches up with Aaron Wimberly on his breakout game, as well as Jeff Woody, Sam Richardson, and Nick Kron.

SAM'S FEELING BETTER. That nagging ankle still isn't 100%, but Sam Richardson's health is improving.

WE MISSED YOU, BEEF CASTLE. Tom Farniok's return was a welcome spark for the Cyclone offense.

FOUND SOME OFFENSE. Scoring 38 points and still not happy with their performance is a good sign, says Jeff Woody.

KRONTACULAR. Nick Kron picked up the slack for the defense with 2 turnovers.

MORE PREDICTIONS FOR ISU. Rashad Vaughn's 24/7 Crystal Ball Predictions are getting about as heavy ISU as it gets right now.

BETTER KEEP YOUR NCAA 14 DYNASTY GOING. EEA Sports and CLC settled their lawsuit with the college players led by Ed O'Bannon. This does not mean the NCAA is out of the woods yet, though. What this means to you is that EA is done with the NCAA college football series of video games. Patrick Vint writes that the TV money is basically the last thing that still needs to be decided in the lawsuit.

ANOTHER NCAA HEAD SCRATCHIER. Everyone's favorite organization is suspending an FCS player for giving some of his money to his brother (also a football player) to buy textbooks.

TANNER BROCK THOUGHT HE WAS UNTOUCHABLE. The former TCU star talks about his excommunication with the university and football life on parole.

MINNESOTA HATE WEEK. If you ignore the fun, harmless shots at the State of Iowa, you'll enjoy The Daily Gopher putting out some impressive hate on the Hawkeyes.