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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/3/13

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A VERY SOMBER RHOADS. Paul Rhoads talks about his team's loss to UNI.

OFFENSE TALKING IMPROVEMENT. Justin Coleman, James White, and Jeff Woody talk about the disappointing offensive performance against the Panthers.

FARNIOK OUT. Tom Farniok strained his MCL and will likely be out against Iowa, which hopefully doesn't mean another trainwreck line performance.

PETERSON BLAMES THE OFFENSE. Randy Peterson says it's the offense's fault for Saturday's debacle.

SAM DIDN'T SUCK. Sam Richardson wasn't the cause of the loss, as he looked good in the Pistol.

SENECA PULLS A FAVRE. Seneca Wallace is back in the NFL after saying he was going to retire last week, as the Packers cut their other backup QBs (including Vince Young!) and signed him.

SEVEN CYCLONES IN THE NFL. With the signing of Wallace and Jake Knott making the Eagles roster, there's 7 Cyclones on opening day NFL rosters this year.

BUBU'S GONE. Apparently the rape charges that were dropped against Palo were still enough to violate the student code of conduct.

WE MADE SHAMEPAINT. Thujone's weekly CFB shamepaint features a very sad Cyclone.

VOLLEYBALL RISING. The Cyclones are up to #11 in the new AVCA poll.

AT LEAST NOBODY DID THIS FOR ISU. Georgia loses to Clemson, and also loses their star receiver to a torn ACL, suffered while celebrating a touchdown. And no, not even his own TD.

MACK BROWN MISSES ON ANOTHER QB. Florida State's freshman QB Jameis Winston lit up Pittsburgh last night with more TDs than incompletions. After the game it was revealed he tried to go to Texas but the coaching staff didn't call him back. It's somewhat understandable the Longhorns whiffed on RG3 and Manziel, two 3 star recruits, but when the best QB in the 2012 class calls you and you don't call back? Horrible.

SPEAKING OF MANZIEL. The Aggie QB tore apart Rice in the second half on the field, then trolled the fans with gestures.

CRAIG JAMES FIRED. One game at Fox Sports Southwest was all that was needed to determine Craig James sucks, which is still too many.

COLTS PLAYER? MAYBE NOT MUCH LONGER. Rookie John Boyett used the " you can't arrest me, I'm an NFL player" excuse this weekend when getting pulled over this weekend.

NASCAR TRUCK SLAP. Driver's girlfriends are fighting for them, and the end result is a dislocated jaw. OK then.