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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/30/13

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CANDY CRUSH CYCLONE SAGA. Brent Blum is relating the season to Candy Crush saga.

TALKING TEXAS. Players and coaches talk about the week that was, and the upcoming test in Texas.

THE RUN. Did Aaron Wimberly's 24 yard run in the 2nd quarter save the Cyclones' season?

NO TIME FOR CELEBRATION. Playing Texas on another Thursday game means no extra amount of time to enjoy their first victory.

HELMET STICKER FOR WIMBERLY. The Big 12 blog is handing out helmet stickers and Aaron Wimberly is a deserving recipient.

ALL ABOUT JP. The Ames Tribune did a feature article on Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard.

THAT COIN TOSS. Jeremiah George talks about the coin toss, and how Tulsa players were talking trash during it.

OUT OF THE CELLAR! The week 5 Big 12 power rankings now have KU in last place again.

KD TO DG. Diante Garrett signed a contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday.

KIFFIN OUT. Lane Kiffin was fired getting off the team plane after his team gave up 62 points to Arizona State. Patrick Vint speculates on the potential replacements.

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF LANE. A chronicle of the career of Lane Kiffin. Hey, at least he still has a pretty hot wife.

TOP 25 REVIEW. Spencer Hall reviews the Top 25, which includes Oregon being Oregon, and Oklahoma State losing to WVU.

BOWL PROJECTIONS. Jason Kirk projects the bowls, and Oklahoma is now the Big 12's projected representative in the Orange Bowl.

MARK SANCHEZ TRIBUTE. Geno Smith puts out his best impersonation of Sanchez's infamous buttfumble.