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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/4/13

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RICHARDSON IN A BOOT. Sam Richardson is in a walking boot, but Paul Rhoads says he'll be ready to go against Iowa.

UNCOMFORTABLE AND FORGETTABLE. Brent Blum with one final word on Sad Saturday.

COMPLIMENTING UNI. Steve Malchow writes about the "bracket busting" FCS teams.

THIS REALLY IS THE WORST WEEK EVER. This Week In Schadenfreude is back, and SeanS7921's amazing rant from our recap didn't even make it.

PICKING UP THE PIECES. Both the Farmageddon rivals are looking to get back on the horse after FCS defeats.

REVENGE! Iowa State volleyball travels to Cedar Falls in hopes of avenging the football loss.

A 1-1 TIE? Shutdown Fullcast talks about Iowa State-Iowa and the possibility of a 1-1 tie.

THE ALPHABETICAL IS BACK. The weekly look at college football by Spencer Hall is back for another season.

BIG 12 QBRs. Sam Richardson had the 6th best QB performance in the Big 12 in week 1.

JAMEIS MANIA. Bill Connelly puts Jameis' debut into perspective (it's really impressive), while Winston's high school coach talks about his communication (or lack thereof) with Texas.

VODKA SAMM'S MUGSHOT. America's sweetheart finally gets her mugshot released. The first comment featuring the Ke$ha song remake is worth the click alone.

REDOING SPORTS. The XBox One is looking to reshape how we watch sports on TV.

A TRADITION UNLIKE ANY OTHER. Rick Barry's son is keeping the family tradition of underhanded free throws alive.