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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/5/13

BYE WEEK LESSONS. Iowa State is using the bye week to fix the issues they had against UNI.

MOST NEWBIES! Iowa State had the most first time starters in their lineup in the Big 12 during week 1.

PROTECTING SAMMY. Keeping Sam Richardson healthy will be vital to the Cyclones' success this season.

SURVIVING UNI. The volleyball team almost suffered the same fate as the football team, narrowly defeating UNI in five sets.

FORCING THE DIAMOND. An interesting look at how Mississippi State's pressure caused Oklahoma State's diamond.

LONGHORN RISING? The Numerical focuses on Texas and their impressive week 1 performance.

BUCKY TRYING TO TAKE THE CROWN. A .33 and .37 were registered at the Wisconsin game this weekend.

NFL PREVIEW. Mega props to the SBN NFL crew for this beautiful preview layout on their season preview.

MELLOW OUT, NFL. pro-weed billboard went up close to Mile High Stadium.

GO PERDS! The Nashville Predators are rolling with their typo.

GREAT SUCCESS! The AHF shirt was the best selling shirt on the SB Nation network this month!