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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/6/13

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ALL'S WELL FOR JAKE. Jake Knott can finally get an apartment in Philly.

DOWN TO TWO. Jaylen Johnson is no longer being recruited by Iowa State, which means the Cyclones are all in on Vaughn and Cunningham,

BIG FOUR CLASSIC GAMETIMES. It looks like Iowa State gets the early 5 PM slot against UNI this December 7th.

COLEMAN CHRONICLE. The DMR details Justin Coleman's journey to Iowa State.

BRUN'S A BALLER. Ernst Brun has turned into an excellent TE, but he was also a pretty good hoopster.

REVIEWING CYCLONES.TV. Bobby La Gesse gives a passing review to the first week of Cyclones.TV on Mediacom.

RHOADS REMEMBERS. Paul Rhoads discusses the 2011 OT win over Iowa.

IOWA NICE RECAP. The subtle Manziel suspension dig is pretty good.

WEEK 2 LINES. Since ISU isn't in action, you can place a bunch of bets and watch your money disappear without distraction.

ERIC CROUCH IS A WEIRDO. He once asked a lineman to spit in his mouth. Huskers, man.

OLD AGGY HAND SIGNS. R. Bowen Luftin shares the Manziel money sign with Drake.

OOPS. Denver shithoused the Baltimore Ravens last night, so if you had Peyton Manning, you probably already won your week in fantasy football, but the most notable play of the game was either Bronco Danny Trevathan pulling a DeSean Jackson, or Jacoby Jones getting demolished by his own teammate.

CLARENCE BEEFTANK. Jon Bois made a five foot tall, 400 pound QB.