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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/9/13

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GETTING PEOPLE IN SEATS. Bobby La Gesse visits with Jamie Pollard on how Iowa State was able to increase attendance during a time of national attendance decrease.

NOT OVER YET. Tommy Birch warns us all that it's not time to give up on the Cyclones' season yet.

LEATH BOMB. Steven Leath made the final decision to kick Bubu Palo off the basketball team.

BLAH BLAH BLAH RIVALRIES. Steve Malchow talks about how Big 12 scheduling keeps rivalries alive.

OFFENSIVE DIVERSITY. Randy Peterson notes that Iowa State's offense needs to diversify from running their QB 21 times if Sam Richardson is to stay healthy. I'm sure Courtney Messingham doesn't care.

WRASSLIN' STAYS. Wrestling is going to stay in the Olympics at least until 2020, and Kevin Jackson is happy about it.

BAD WEEKEND FOR VOLLEYBALL. The 11th ranked Cyclones were swept by Illinois.

DEAD LAST. Iowa State is sitting in 10th place in the Big 12 power rankings.

TROUBLE IN STILLY? Sports Illustrated will release a report soon on Oklahoma State's alleged improprieties.

DIAZ OUT, ROBINSON IN. After giving up 550 (not a typo) rushing yards to BYU, Texas fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz and brought back a name from the past: Greg Robinson.

PACHALL SURGERY. Casey Pachall broke something in his arm, so he's out for 8-ish weeks.. right in time to be back for Iowa State!

EMINEM IS HIGH AS HELL. Eminem made an appearance with Herbstreit and Musberger, and there's no way he wasn't on something.

FOOTBRAWL! Clay Matthews late hit Colin Kaepernick, resulting in a brawl and an extra down for the 49ers.