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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/10/14

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BERRYMAN MURDERED. Jason Berryman was found murdered in his home, making him the sixth Cyclone since 2003 to pass away. The first two comments from the article are brutal. It doesn't matter if you thought he was a thug or not, murder is still incredibly tragic.

MANGINO PRESSER. Paul Rhoads introduces Mark Mangino and Louis Ayeni as his new staff, while announcing that Chris Klenakis has left for the KFC-greased pastures of Louisville.

REMODEL, NOT REBUILD. Mark Mangino says that the roster is talented enough that he'd call his job a remodel, not a complete rebuild.

THE CLOSER. John Walters does a feature on Georges Niang being the closer for Iowa State.

KANE'S JOURNEY. Travis Hines with a really good history of how DeAndre Kane came to be a Cyclone.

MANDATORY TOOTHPICKS FOR EVERYONE! Dustin Hogue reveals his secret: chewing toothpicks.

STILL CLIMBING. Luke Winn's power rankings have Iowa State at #5.

PIERSON USES SNUB AS MOTIVATION. Not being recruited by a single D1 coach out of high school has been motivation for ISU recruit Dale Pierson.

SELLING THEIR SOULS. Matt Hayes writes that Louisville has abandoned their principles in hiring Bobby Petrino.

FRANKLIN BAD? James Franklin is the new coach at Penn State, and Dennis Dodd is not a fan.

SORRY, CHARLIE. Red McCombs clarifies that he supports Charlie Strong and is not a racist.

JARED BRACKENS, YOU HAVE A CHALLENGER. Dude dunks off a trampoline in a sumo suit, then krumps.

THIS IS MESMERIZING. Watch a women eat a 72 oz steak in 3 minutes.

JR SMITH DOESN'T CARE ABOUT WORLD HUNGER. Just keep on ordering that room service, JR.