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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/13/14

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BIG MATCHUP = HIT TAPE. ESPN has gone nuts promoting tonight's game, but Cyclones.TV has it beat with a hit tape.

PREVIEWING KU. Both Fred Hoiberg and the players preview the visiting Jayhawks.

EVEN HAWKEYE FANS LOVE FRED. Bleacher Report hired some decent writers, and C.J. Moore pens a great one on Fred Hoiberg's rise.

KANE'S BIG MONDAY. The first question will be answered early if he wins his 3rd straight Big 12 Player of The Week award. Later, we'll find out if he plays tonight.

ALL ABOUT CAUTION. Randy Peterson warns that Iowa State's lone loss and DeAndre Kane's injury won't be a big deal at the end of the season.

MONTE'S MOMENT. Will Big Monday be Monte Morris' coming out party?

WRESTLING LOSS. The Cyclone wrestlers also lost to OU this weekend.

JUST A BIT RACIST. This t-shirt welcoming the arrival of Charlie Strong is.. odd.

BEST PASTOR EVER. I think everyone would sign up for a one minute service to make kickoff.

PLAYOFF RAGE! These Charger fans dealt with their team's loss by beating up some Bronco fans.