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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/14/14

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HOIBERG PUTS IT INTO PERSPECTIVE. In his post game press conference, Fred Hoiberg sums up the Cyclones' night.


DIAGNOSING SADNESS. Melvin and DeAndre discuss what went so wrong for the Cyclones.

THE MAYOR IS BORED WITH THE MAYOR. Ann Campbell wasn't all that into the game... or perhaps just not into Georges Niang's shooting.

"WE SHOT TERRIBLE". DeAndre Kane isn't sugarcoating his team's shooting problems last night.

KU STILL KING. The Jayhawks showed that they're still king of the Big 12, especially in NBA talent.

EMBIID'S A SUPERSTAR. The Cyclones had no answer for Joel Embiid (who somehow overshadowed a 17/19 performance from Andrew Wiggins), who Myron Medcalf thinks can carry KU.

UNEVEN TWEETING, GUYS! Don't ever mention anything close to pro-Cyclone, Iowa media folk, or Hawk fans will reply with indignation.

FRESHMAN OF THE WEEK. Seanna Johnson and Jadda Buckley are having quite the duel for Big 12 freshman of the week honors, with Seanna's win this week tying her at 3.

MANGINO CONTRACT. Iowa State's only paying Mark Mangino 25K more than what they paid Mess? Score!

BIG 12 ALL-BCS-ERA TEAM. Big 12 blog put together the list of the greatest BCS-era Big 12 players.

BUILDING A WINNER. Bud Elliot checks into Jimbo Fisher's process of building a powerhouse in Tallahassee.

LOLCUBS. I'm sure we're all down about the loss last night, but the Cubs are going to cheer you up with Clark, maybe the worst mascot ever created.

OMAHA! What does Peyton Manning's Omaha even mean?

HAT ANGLE GUIDE. Colin Kaepernick is pissing off the media by wearing his hat backwards, so here's a helpful guide to hat angles!