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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/16/14

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MOURNING BRAY. Curtis Bray is remembered fondly by CycloneFanatic and Cory Morrissey sat down with Tommy Birch to talk about the impact Bray had on his life. Rest in peace, coach Bray

KANE ALL-AMERICA. SB Nation's midseason All-Americans includes the hobbled DeAndre Kane.

CHARGES DROPPED AGAINST IRVING. David Irving's domestic assault charges have been dropped.

BASKETBALL HAPPENS. Echoing our thoughts, Brent Blum writes that lulls happen during the course of a basketball season, and not to melt down about it.

FIND YOURSELF! The gigapixel panorama from the KU-ISU game is out in the wild now.

ANOTHER LOSS. The ladies are following the mens' lead in dropping their second straight after an undefeated start, falling to West Virginia last night 73-59.

LAZARD INTERVIEW. Bryce Miller caught up with Allen Lazard to talk about Curtis Bray, Mark Mangino, and a variety of other topics.

BIZARRE TRANSFER. Iowa State defensive back Charlie Rogers finished his up and down season by unexpectedly transferring to Iowa Western.

BLUFORD TO NAU. The Cyclone guard is transferring to Northern Arizona. As with all former Cyclones, we wish the best of luck to him at his new school.

NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN. Charlie Strong's bringing new rules and culture change to Austin.

DAVID KAYE, ANGRY SID. Baylor's SID will not stand for you making fun of Baylor, even if they just lost to the (formerly) last place team in the Big 12. In other news, Baylor playing Texas Tech means BUTT on Sportcenter. /giggles

BREWER TRANSFERRING. The one time future of Texas Tech quarterbacking is off to a new school after he graduates as a redshirt sophomore. This will be the first time I've seen a graduate transfer have 2 years to play.

WAY TO GO, CSN. Just letting Clark the Cub with a cartoon penis on your telecast, no big deal.

THANKS FOR THE ASSIST! Hockey teammates can be very helpful.