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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/17/14

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BUBU'S BACK! Bubu Palo has been semi-reinstated to the team.

BUT NOT TRAVELING. Fred Hoiberg says Bubu isn't heading to Texas.

POLLARD IS ANGRY. Jamie Pollard is not a fan of Bubu being allowed to come back.

NO END IN SIGHT. The Bubu saga isn't going to come to a conclusion anytime soon.

MORE SHOOTING AT THE GYM. After two crappy shooting performances, Fred Hoiberg is getting his team in the gym for more practice.

BRAY'S LEGACY. Bobby La Gesse writes that Curtis Bray's legacy at ISU will live on.

THOMAS REMAINS SIXTH MAN. Matt Thomas isn't regaining his starting role yet.

TOP 100 GAMES OF 2013-14. The countdown of the best games in college football features ISU-Texas, but the top is incredibly Auburn-rich, and deservedly so.

INTERVIEWING KINGSBURY. Viva The Matadors sits down with Dreamy Jr for an interview, but doesn't ask him to compare himself to the original Dreamy.

CAN'T FIND BOSTON MARKET? MASTURBATE. Such is a day in the life of Kellen Winslow.

END OF A BEEFTANK ERA. Breaking Madden's Beeftank trilogy comes to a head.

LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE, GAY PEOPLE. Vladimir Putin thinks gay people can't keep their hands off Russian children during the Olympics for some reason.

FIGURE SKATING IN THE SPOTLIGHT. If you watched the 30 for 30 last night on Tonya Harding, you saw her deny any knowledge of the attack. Jeff Gilooly disagrees.