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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/2/14

YOUNG JOHNNY. Joshua Kagavi does some digging on the early years of Johnny Orr and it's pretty fascinating.

ORR VISITATION. There will be a public visitation at Hilton today to honor the greatest coach in Iowa State history.

NAZ'S IDEA. Naz Long had the idea to start saluting the Johnny Orr banner post game.

THE ENTERTAINER. Fred Hoiberg confirms that Johnny Orr was a true entertainer.

JOHNNY AND JIM, CROONIN'. This is so amazing terrible it's awesome.

BIG DADDY KANE. DeAndre Kane was named the Oscar Robertson national player of the week for his performances in the Diamondhead Classic, the second Cyclone this year to get the honor.

SOUTHERN SCUFFLE. Not a fight amongst SEC fans, but the Cyclones are sitting in fifth place at the Southern Scuffle in Chattanooga.

ALTERNATE CYCLONE LOGOS. Kagavi also has some alternative Cyclone logos for your viewing interests.

GOODBYE, BCS. Spencer Hall pens an ode to the system everyone loves to hate.

NEW YEAR'S DAY SHENANIGANS. Bill Connelly's Numerical on the crazy day of bowl games, including the biggest upset (by spread) in BCS history, Baylor's tarp-less embarrassment.

NO LOVE FOR RG3. Even his wife isn't sold on his stock right now.

WHITE GUY DUNK. Cody Zeller is a dunking machine.